Elier Amado Gil

About Elier Amado Gil

Elier Amado Gil was born in La Habana, Cuba, in 1981. His passion for art took him to the National Academy of Fine Arts San Alejandro, where he graduated with a degree in Sculpture in 2006Six years later, Elier chose Mexico as the place to continue his work as sculptor where he joined the Culture Institute in Cancun as a Teacher. It was during his time there, when he met Gena Bezanilla, the now Chief Executive of MUSA, with whom he joined talents to put together a painting exhibition.

Two years later, at a MUSA exhibition in Plaza Kukulcán, Elier approached Roberto Díaz Abraham to pitch different ideas following MUSA’s goal to bring together art and conservation. So, convinced by the cuban artist’s proposals, Roberto decided to bring him to MUSA in 2014.

Sculptures by Elier at MUSA: Understanding, N/T, Icebreaker and Threshold, located at Punta Nizuc Gallery, and Blessings and Vestiges, at Punta Sam Gallery.

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