musa underwater museum in cancun
nuevas esculturas del museo subacuatico de arte jpg

The Enchanted Wood

As awaking from a deep dream, you are floating inert, trhough a spot that seems unreal, but strangely existent.

It is a magic wood, enchanted with tens of sacred ceibas for the Mayan people. They are anchored to the floor by their roots.

They bloom alive in a bluish, underwater, absurd, magical and irresistible environment. The spirit of the rainforest lives in these underwater forests.

Incredibly, living beings strangers to most of us find protection and food. They do not walk, nor breathe the air of the earth. We do not know them because of our gigantic ignorance and our reduced vision.

nuevas esculturas del museo subacuatico de arte

The sculptures, which have acquired incredible forms, are alive. It seems that they look at us, surprised and afraid that the proud humans touch and damage them.

The warrior man, blunt, ungrateful, who thinks he owns nature, does not understand it. She, instead, generous, loving and genial, has given everything: water, air, land and food: Life.

Entering this enchanted forest and decorated by the Natura Goddess, must be a spiritual experience, full of reverence and humility. You must bring the utmost respect and love to the benevolence of this exuberance that life teaches us.

We will fall to our knees, with tears in our eyes. Excited to have this unique opportunity reserved for very few, we will be grateful for the greatness of the solitary planet in our Universal smallness.

el bosque encantado musa cancun
dibujo elefante ceiba

Mtro. Roberto Díaz Abraham